Today is World Emoji Day! New Emojis Coming Soon

Today is World Emoji Day! To celebrate, Apple and Google have announced new emojis coming to devices later this year. Here is what USA Today says:

More inclusive and diverse emojis are coming soon to Apple and Android devices.

Ahead of World Emoji Day, which is Wednesday, Apple and Google shared some of the new emojis coming to devices later this year, including interracial couples, same-sex couples and people with disabilities.

There also are new food options – waffles, falafel, garlic and butter – and animals including the sloth, flamingo, orangutan and skunk.

The new designs are based on approved characters in Unicode 12.0, created by the Unicode Consortium, the non-profit group that decides what and when new emojis will be adopted.

Apple devices including iPhones, iPads, Apple Watch and Mac computers are getting 59 new emojis while the new Android Q will bring 65 new emoji.

What emojis do you still need in your life??