Shawn Mendes Gets Tattoo Of Art Suggested By Fan

Shawn Mendes In Concert - Los Angeles, CA

Shawn Mendes In Concert - Los Angeles, CA

The internet is powerful stuff. Also, celebs do check their DMs when you slide in them. So a fan of Shawn Mendes sent him a pic of some tattoo art done by @macdreaper and suggested that he get that tattoo. Mendes replied saying he would. At this point, most would think he's joking. Well, he doubled down and reached out to the fan on Twitter after asking more about the artwork. In no time at all, Shawn Mendes got inked up with the exact artwork. Now he has a butterfly with flowers on his right bicep. I think I just might slide in his DMs and ask for a million dollars, you know, just to see if he'd do it.

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