Pigeon Poops on Chicago Lawmaker While Talking About Pigeon Poop Problem

A Chicago lawmaker got pooped on by a pigeon WHILE he was discussing the pigeon poop problem near the Iriving Park Blue Line station. LOL. See more from CBS Chicago:

Talk about dumb luck during a Morning Insiders interview – near a very busy Chicago Transit Authority stop nicknamed the “pigeon poop station.”

While we were shooting a follow-up story about the problems at the station, the unthinkable happened. CBS 2’s Lauren Victory was talking with a lawmaker who was fighting to fix the problem, and he fell victim to it right when the cameras were rolling.

That’s right, a pigeon relieved itself on state Rep. Jaime Andrade (D-Chicago) right on cue as he spoke.

Andrade had just been badmouthing the pigeons.

“I’ll just have to go clean up,” he said. “That’s what happens to my constituents. They get s**t on all time.”

Birds are a chronic problem around the Irving Park Blue Line station. Their waste and feathers constantly coat the path commuters take – including suburbanites and tourists who use the nearby Metra stop.

“It’s not funny at all when you have pets at home and you have to keep your shoes away from them,” CTA rider Derek Barthel said in our earlier report on this subject back in August.

OMG. You must watch this video!