Witness 'Chicagohenge' This Week

Have you heard of 'Chicagohenge'? Do you know what it is? It occurs around this time every year and it's gorgeous! Here's the deal from ABC:

Twice a year we are treated to a special alignment of the sun and our beautiful city buildings.

For a week or so around the Spring and Fall Equinox (around March 21 and September 21 most years), you can see the sunset looking down the east-west streets of downtown Chicago. The sunset is framed perfectly between the buildings on each side of the road. You should be able to see "Chicagohenge" for at least a few more nights this week.

Why does this happen?

Throughout the year, the sun sets at different points on the horizon. In the winter it is a littler farther to the north and during summer it is a little farther to the south. But during the equinoxes, with the east-west grid layout of the city, we have the perfect opportunity to see "Chicagohenge".

I always try to see it, but haven't been able to yet. Have you?