Chicago is One of the Best Cities For Cuffing Season According to Study

According to a new study, Chicago is one of the best places for cuffing season! If you're looking to hook up during the holidays, it's good you live in this city. The Chicago Tribune says:

Using data from its annual Singles in America survey, dating app Match compiled a list of which U.S. cities have the best and worst cuffing seasons, based on a city’s interest in casual dating, as well as whether people in that city are having a lot of, or a little, sex.

Chicago ranks fourth on the list of top 10 cities having the most sex and looking to casually date, thus making it one of the best places to be cuffed during the fall and winter months.

Indianapolis took the No. 1 spot, while San Diego and Denver came in second and third, respectively. Memphis rounded out the top five, and Columbus, Ohio, also represented the Midwest on the list, in the eighth spot.

More than 5,000 singles throughout the United States were surveyed for the Singles in America survey, and the people varied in age, ethnicity, income and backgrounds.

Chicago matchmaker Stef Safran, founder of Stef and the City, says Chicago likely placed high on the list because it’s a large city with a lot of options that people want to explore.

Alright...Chicago and Indianapolis! You can read the full study HERE!