Chance The Snapper Now Has a Coloring Book

Chance the Snapper now has a new coloring book that was partially created by Frank Robb. Block Club Chicago has the rundown:

Chance, the alligator who took the city by storm this summer, is the star of a coloring book created in part by Frank Robb, the man who caught the snapper. “The Adventures of Chicago Chance and Frank Robb” doubles as a coloring book and storybook.

Robb collaborated with illustrator Ben Clark on the book after Clark heard about Robb and tagged the gator catcher in a drawing on Instagram. They teamed up to make the book and got help writing the story from various people, including the director of the St. Augustine Alligator Farm and Zoo, where Chance now lives...

A portion of the proceeds from the book will be spit between a charity for crocodilian conservation and a charity for first responders, Robb said in a news release.

You can get the coloring book by clicking HERE.