Chicago's 'Christmas Vacation'-Themed Pop-Up Bar is Here

If you love the Griswold family, you'll love this pop-up bar that's hit Chicago just in time for the holidays! 'Christmas Vacation' might be one of my favorite holiday movies of all time and Chicago now has it's own 'Christmas Vacation'-themed pop-up bar! NBC says:

Houndstooth Saloon in the city's Wrigleyville neighborhood has transformed itself into a bar called Griswold’s, named after the iconic 1989 National Lampoon film. The staff had a busy Saturday, making sure everything was just right ahead of opening day on Sunday, Nov. 17.  

Visitors will be able to relax in the Griswold family's living room, spend some time in a tiki bar and explore a room with an attic-like feel, according to a news release.

Expect to take in several unique sights along the way, including a burnt, decorated Christmas tree and plenty of flashy lights. 

On the weekends, you can even take a picture with an RV similar to the one from the film.