Get Paid to Party in Sweden...Sober

Some people are participating in Dry January, but want to take it a step further? A company will pay you and a friend to party in Sweden totally sober. Here's the deal from Gnista Spirits:

Swedish beverage company Gnista Spirits are currently seeking two enthusiastic party animals for a live test investigating Gnista’s credibility as a substitute for alcohol.

Gnista is newly launched and proud to offer the only non-alcoholic spirit that truly resembles a fine spirit. Taste wise this statement has been verified by a number of established bartenders and industry experts. Now it’s time to put the feeling to the test, thus Gnista is looking for highly experienced party animals.

We are truly serious about our vision to make it easier to choose non-alcoholic, through offering outstanding products that imitate the experience you normally get from drinking alcohol. This is where you come in.

The Gnista product development department needs first-hand intelligence on how Gnista consumption affects the desire to dance until dawn, inspire you to let loose (using your tie as a headband?) and if it gives you that pizza-craving netflix bingeing (placebo) hangover.

Extensive prior experience of partying is a requirement for the position. We also believe that the successful candidate for the job has a can-do mentality, knows a few dance steps and thrives in a fast-paced environment. Please note that a true passion for nightlife and the right mindset is more important than the perfect set of skills.

If this sounds appealing to you and you want to apply click HERE! And you can read more HERE.

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