Here's The Reason Why It's Been So Cloudy in Chicago

Have you noticed it has not been sunny in Chicago for more than a week?! We are setting records with how cloudy it has been. NBC Chicago says there is a reason for it though:

January 2020 will go down as the warmest January that Chicago has had in the past eight years, but one of the reasons for the mild weather may have you feeling a little down: The clouds.

Chicago has had only two sunny days (70% or more sunshine) all month long, and each of the past nine days has been completely cloudy. That's more than a week with barely any blue sky.

Why is this happening? One major part of the explanation is a lack of "forcing" to get the low cloud cover out of the area. Low clouds and fog are very common this time of year in the Midwest, but typically a front or a storm shoves the low clouds out. Well, that hasn't happened for more than a week, so we're still stuck under a very large blanket of clouds.

Apparently we're supposed to get some sun this weekend along with some decent weather. It can't come soon enough!

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