A "Princess Bride" Pop-Up Bar is Coming to Chicago

A 'Princess Bride' pop-up bar is coming to Chicago! Here's more:

Lincoln Square cocktail bar the Sixth Princess Bride-themed pop-up “As You Wish” on February 11, offering “immersive” decor designed to replicate scenes from the 1987 cult fantasy/adventure/romance/comedy and 16 cocktails named for some of the movie’s most quotable lines, a news release announces. These include “Twue Wuve” (Lucy Pistolas Mezcal, Arakku, Fino Sherry, caramel pineapple simple syrup, coconut, blueberry foam, Wat Bwings Us Togeder) and “A Shortage of Perfect Breasts” (Empress Gin, Norden Aquavit, Salers, sugar snap pea, citric acid). The pop-up runs through March 22 at 2202 W. Lawrence Avenue.

The drinks look tasty! Who's excited for this one!