A Lord of the Rings Pop-Up Bar Has Come to Lincoln Park

If you're a Lord of the Rings fan you will love the new pop-up bar at Replay in Lincoln Park. Here's what you need to know:

Chicago’s premiere pop-up venue and barcade, Replay Lincoln Park, recently opened “The One Pop-Up to Rule Them All,” a new Lord of the Rings pop-up following the success of their Harry Potter concept. Replay is known for its elaborate pop-up bars complete with large structures, special menu options, and themed events. Its newest concept pays tribute to JR Tolkien’s classic tale.

The new LOTR pop-up features custom artwork and several Instagram-worthy photo opportunities with characters and settings from the popular series. Travel through the Mines of Moira, battle your way into Minas Tirith, and take refuge in the peaceful town of Rivendell all from the comfort of one of Chicago’s best barcades. Unlike our brave heroes, you’ll be able to walk right into Mordor and make it back to the Shire in time for second breakfast.

The food items are funny too: Fried Po-tay-toes, Lord of the Wings, Frodo’s Dolma, Beef Lembas, Gandolph’s Corn Staff and Pippen’s Popcorn. The drinks include: The Evenstar, Narya-Ring of Fire, Nenya-Ring of Water. The bar will be open all month!