Put Your Face on a Mask to Unlock Your Phone

A company is now printing people's faces on masks so that they can unlock their phone while they're wearing them:

Protective gear such as masks can help prevent the spread of the virus, but it’s not a guarantee that you won’t come in contact with the virus. If anything, the use of face masks helps you protect others from your own germs. And the coronavirus isn’t the only thing spreading this season. So is the flu, which can be even deadlier than the coronavirus. One of the downsides of using a face mask is that it might make it impossible to use your phone if you rely on a face scanner system to unlock it. However, someone already thought of a clever solution to this problem: Print your face on N95 masks so that you can unlock your phone while you wear them.

The product can be found on FaceIDMasks.com, which is a somewhat misleading name, but we’ll get to that in a bit.

This is very clever, but do you think it will be just a phase?