Peter's Mom Does NOT Like His Choice on 'Bachelor' Finale

SO MUCH happened on last night's season finale of 'The Bachelor.' Quick summary, Peter chose to get engaged to Hannah Ann. After about a month, he realized he wasn't feeling it so he broke it off.

Chris Harrison then decides to visit Madison in Alabama to tell her the news that Hannah Ann and Peter broke up. Madi seems surprised and happy at the news. She ends up having a surprise reunion with Peter and the two decide to give dating a shot.

On last night's finale, Peter and Madison confirmed they are dating, but the real confrontation came with Peter's mom BARB. Oh Barb. She made it VERY clear she hates the decision Peter made. You've got to see her uncensored reaction below. She doesn't hold back!

It made me kinda sad to see this family unravel on live tv. Also, I would imagine it's hard for Peter to date in general when you have a parent like that. Let me know your thoughts! Send me a tweet @showbizshelly.

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