People Can Win Hand Sanitizer and Toilet Paper With Bar's Claw Machine

Amid all the coronavirus craziness, people in the UK can win hand sanitizer and toilet paper by playing the claw machine at a bar in the UK.

The coronavirus outbreak has caused panic among people around the world.

People are buying of toilet paper and cleaning products till the shelves are cleared.

48-year-old Rob Braddick, who own’s Braddick's Holiday Park in the U.K. is poking fun at the chaos by putting toilet paper and hand sanitizers in claw machines.

CNN reports that it costs 50p (65 cents) for three tries at grabbing the toilet paper and 1 ($1.30) for the hand sanitizer.

"It's a bit of light relief with everything that's going on," Braddick said. "Hopefully it will raise a smile, which I think everybody needs."

Very, very clever.

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