Shedd Aquarium Allows Penguins to Walk Around Since It's Closed to Guests

The Shedd Aquarium allowed the penguins to walk around the since it's been closed to the public because of the Coronavirus. According CNN:

The penguins at the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago are usually the ones being looked at, since they are one of the most beloved attractions. But Sunday, they were able to get a taste of what it's like on the other side of the glass.

With the building closed to visitors to help prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus, a group of rockhopper penguins were allowed to leave their habitat and explore the rest of the aquarium.

"Without guests in the building, caretakers are getting creative in how they provide enrichment to animals," the aquarium told the Chicago Tribune. "Introducing new experiences, activities, foods and more to keep them active, encourage them to explore, problem-solve and express natural behaviors."

Love this! One of the penguins got to meet the fish. Too cute.

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