Chicago Can Expect Lots of Stray Cats Around the Next Few Months

Apparently we can expect a big stray cat boom in Chicago over these next few months. I didn't even realize this! TMZ explains:

Chicago's regularly-scheduled cat wave is about to be too big to handle due to coronavirus -- too many strays are out there with their nuts intact, which means too many damn kittens!

A grassroots, animal-friendly community in Chi-Town called Chicago Community Cats tells TMZ ... the rescues and shelters they normally take stray and feral cats to around this time of year to get spayed and neutered are closed because of COVID-19. That spells trouble.

Of course, it means there's nowhere to take the fierce and the furry, who aren't going to stop sexing each other up anytime soon because of some pesky virus humans fear.

BTW, there's about 200k strays running around in Chicago, and if even a fraction are unneutered/un-spayed ... well, you can do the math. In fact, CCC says they usually help fix at least 3,000 cats right about now, so there's AT LEAST that many on the prowl.

Wow. Very curious to see what comes of this.

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