Add a Real Llama or Goat to Your Next Zoom Meeting

A farm is offering the unique service of adding live animals to your next Zoom work meeting:

A farm in Silicon Valley is offering remote workers around the world a way to break up the monotony of endless Zoom calls and video chats.

For less than $100, you can request a cameo appearance in your video chat from Sweet Farm's llamas, goats, and other farm animals. The project, called Goat 2 Meeting after the popular conferencing software, allows people to bring farm animals into their work happy hours and corporate conference calls, Sweet Farm cofounder Anna Sweet told Business Insider.

This is great! So, how much does it cost?

People can pay anywhere from $65 to $250 for various interactions with the animals, which include goats, sheep, pigs, cows, turkeys, and llamas — by far the most popular choice. For $65, you get a 20-minute virtual tour of the farm for up to six call participants. For a bigger meeting, you can pay $100 for a 10-minute animal cameo or $250 for a 25-minute virtual tour.

Apparently more than 300 requests have been made since mid-March.

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