Chicago Launching Coronavirus Info App on Monday

Chicago city officials are launching an app Monday (today) that will keep Chicagoans updated on all the important information they need to know about Coronavirus:

The app, named "Chi COVID Coach", was built in partnership with Google and MTX and it will allow CDPH to communicate directly with Chicago residents who may be COVID-19 positive or experiencing symptoms, providing them with important information and guidance.

The first app of its kind, "Chi COVID Coach" creates an opportunity for residents to pre-register for vaccine dissemination once it becomes available. Though a vaccine may be many months away, CDPH is already taking steps to prepare for mass vaccination.

Because of this feature, all residents are encouraged to sign up, whether symptomatic or not.

Registration for the app is free and information will be protected and only used by CDPH for public health purposes related to COVID-19.

Be sure to click HERE to get the lowdown on everything the app will provide.

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