Will You Be Out in Chicago This Weekend? Here's What To Know About Phase 3

Chicago has now reached Phase 3 of reopening since we were put in lockdown for the Coronavirus pandemic. If you're unsure what that means and you plan to go out this weekend, here's what to know:


  • Restaurants may no longer allow walk-ins, meaning most outdoor dining experiences will be reservation only
  • Limit dining to no more than six people per table
  • Limit gatherings to no more than 10 individuals. A gathering is defined as "a planned or spontaneous event where individuals are interacting with non-household members within close proximity for an extended time period." This means no events or parties with more than 10 individuals split up at tables of six or less
  • Tables must be six feet apart. Where that's not possible, use impermeable barriers (e.g., counters, service, tables, registers, etc.)

Face Coverings

  • All staff must be wearing face coverings
  • Customers will also be required to wear face coverings when they’re not safely seated at their table

Menus and Other Experiences

  • Provide disposable table items where possible (e.g., menus, containers, condiments). If practical, use fixed menu boards or digital menus
  • Discontinue use of self-serve food and drink stations
  • Contactless pickup available and contactless payment encouraged
  • Visual signage posted throughout facilities regarding hygiene, social distancing, proper PPE and more


  • Restaurants will provide sanitizer stations
  • Employees frequently disinfect facilities
  • Ensure dishwashers have access to equipment to protect eyes, nose, and mouth from contaminant splash (e.g., face coverings, protective glasses, and/or face shields)
  • Prohibit entry to anyone (including customers, staff, or vendors) with displayed or self-identified symptoms

NBC has lots more info including which facilities will open on Monday.

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