Chicago Can Expect 'Carpocalypse' As People Start Summer Travel

Some experts are warning we could potentially expect a 'Carpocalypse' to hit Chicago once summer begins as people will take to the roads for travel and states reopen:

Some transportation experts are warning of a "carpocalypse" post-pandemic, as states reopen and summer travel gets underway, and the Chicago area could be hit even harder because of the number of freeways drivers use to pass through.

The Sam Schwartz Company, a leading transportation firm known for coining the term "gridlock" said mass transit ridership has plummeted amid health concerns.

“We may see an imbalance in demand,” said the company’s deputy director of traffic engineering, Sara Disney Haufe.

Haufe said more people may ditch carpooling and take their own vehicles to work. As businesses reopen, freight traffic has increased with up to 50% more deliveries being made.

It’s been estimated that pre-pandemic, popular highways like the Kennedy Expressway moved at an average of 5 miles per hour during rush hour, Haufe added. Post-pandemic, it could move slower.

Less than 5 miles per hour?! Plan accordingly!

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