Jay Cutler Tries to Solve Chicken Murder Mystery in First Instagram Story

Former Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler posted his first-ever Instagram story where he's hilariously trying to solve a chicken murder mystery:

Cutler started using his Instagram stories on Wednesday, where he began chronicling a murder mystery involving the chickens on his farm. And given that we’re likely not due new television until 2021, Cutler’s true crime series might be just the thing to get us through.

The gist is:

Someone is eating Cutler’s chickens, and he has a sneaking suspicion that it might be an inside job by Thelma, his farm cat. But hunches don’t solve mysteries, which is why Cutler plans on staying up all night — in a tree house — watching over the chicken coop to see who the culprit is.

Here's the initial part of his investigation:

And now it seems we have an update as of this morning!

Looking forward to seeing how this develops!

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