Kanye Leaves Huge Message on Chicago Gap Store After Announcing Partnership

Kanye West left a massive message on The Gap store on Michigan Avenue after announcing his partnership with the brand:

Just days after Kanye West announced a partnership with Gap, the music star and fashion designer left a message - a very big one - on the front of the clothing chain's Magnificent Mile store.

West's clothing brand Yeezy will design adult and kids' clothing that will be sold at the chain's stores next year. In the massive note plastered on the front of the Gap store, West noted he would shop at the location when he lived on the South Side of Chicago.

The rap superstar added that he is "so blessed..." and "...so humbled at the opportunity to serve," adding he puts his heart into the color palette and every detail.

NBC goes on to say:

West has a history with Gap. He worked at one of its stores in Chicago as a teenager and referenced it in the lyrics of “Spaceship” on his 2004 album "College Dropout." And he told Vanity Fair magazine back in 2015 that he wanted to be creative director of the brand.

The full message seen on the front of the Gap store is below:

Thank God

Hi Chicago it’s me

This is [the] Gap store

I used to shop at when

I would drive my Nissan

from the south Side

so blessed

I thank God and I am

so humbled at the

opportunity to serve

I put my heart into the

color palette and every

detail I love Tron the original

Do you like stuff

I don’t know what to do with

my hands


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