Man Hangs Boy Off Cliff For Photo Op

This is seems a dad hung his son over a cliff just to get a photo!

Well, looks like we have officially found the father of the year for 2020. You know, because 2020 has been pretty crazy and crappy, so yeah, seems fitting. This Chinese father decided to pull a Michael Jackson and was caught on camera holding his young son over the edge of a cliff in order to get that perfect snapshot for the internet. Footage captured the shocking moments the young boy is looking around the steep slope while being dangled by his dad over the ski slope. One of his family members is then seen taking the photos from behind them. If this is their idea of the perfect souvenir photo, I don’t even want to see their Christmas photos.

As expected, the video angered social media users worldwide, slamming the father as “undeserving of being a parent.” Because well, this father was literally putting his own child at risk, the worst way he possibly can. Stupid. Still, there he was just dangling that poor little boy around as if he was a raggedy doll.

Wowow. Just watch the video.

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