Join Fred For The Fido Rescue & Adoption Alliance "Celebration of Life"

A rare event that is collating the ideas of many animal and environmental organizations is being hosted by Chicago’s own Famous Fido Rescue on July 25, 2020. Founder and executive director, Gloria Lissner says that she is hosting the event virtually out of the interest of keeping everyone connected during this socially distanced time.

“This is the fifth time we have hosted the Celebration of Life, albeit the first time we are doing it virtually, but we think it will be a really unique and special event for all animal lovers to be a part of.”

The Celebration of Life will be airing as a 6-hour stream-a-thon that will be raising funds for the food, shelter, and medical care of the rescue animals, and raising awareness for all other variety of species and environmental welfare too.

Join Fred and other Musicians, visual artists, and speakers from organizations representing cats, dogs, farm animals, birds, horses, rabbits, wildlife, and the environment in working together to make this an incredibly special live stream

“Donations have been at an all time low since the outbreak of the pandemic, but we know the animals are relying on us, so we had no other option but to go big, or go home with this event,” Ms Lissner said.

Currently at Famous Fido Rescue there are 100 cats and dogs, and the team there are also helping to save many animals from having to enter a shelter in the first place by providing counseling and resources to the community during these tough times.

“More people than ever have been calling us thinking they have no other solution but to surrender their animals, but our Guard program helps the animals, helps stressed families, and keeps the number of animals brought to city shelters down,” said Ms Lissner.

To be a part of the difference Famous Fido is hoping to make for all animals and the world we share with them, tune into the Celebration of Life from 4pm-10pm on the organization’s YouTube channel, OriginalFamousFido and give generously to their cause by visiting

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