Lindsay Lohan, Dennis Quaid and the Rest of 'Parent Trap' Cast Reunite

Lindsay Lohan, Dennis Quaid and all the others from 'The Parent Trap' movie reunited this morning with Katie Couric:

The actress, 34, reminisced with her "Parent Trap" co-stars in a video released Monday, reenacting some lines with her on-screen dad, Dennis Quaid, and reflecting on the making of her first film.

"I just felt so lucky and really blessed," Lohan said in the reunion video, posted to Katie Couric's Instagram account Monday morning. "Without this movie, I wouldn't have gotten the acting bug. How do you not want to only act for the rest of your life after doing a film like this?... It's timeless and special. Just really special."

Watch the full video below, and by the way, the whole thing was part of a fundraiser which you can read more about HERE.

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