Anthony Rizzo Drops Wedding Ring in Lake, It's Later Found By Diver

Anthony Rizzo recently dropped his wedding ring into the lake at Belmont Harbor recently and a diver managed to find it!

Rizzo’s wedding ring slipped off his finger and into Belmont Harbor last Friday.

“He’s lost a lot of weight recently and had just washed his hands and was kind of shaking it and it just flew off,” according to Yohei Yamada, the diver Rizzo reached out to help find his ring.

Rizzo, who lost 25 pounds in the off-season, was at the gas dock in his sleek, black speed boat when his afternoon went sideways.

He also had to be somewhere and couldn’t stick around, leaving his wife Emily to point Yamada in the right direction.

Yamada, known as the go-to guy for such blunders, gave himself slim odds of finding the ring, which sank into the weedy lake bed under 21 feet of water.

Yet, after 90 minutes of searching, he emerged, ring in hand.

“There was one little patch of weedless area I was looking in, and it was there,” Yamada said.

Yamada shared a moment of relief with Emily Rizzo and texted a photo of the ring to her husband.

Rizzo’s reply: ‘F--- yes!’

Love this story!

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