Jessica Alba and Daughter Film an ASMR Video While Eating Acai Bowls

Ok, this is pretty funny...Jessica Alba made an ASMR video with her daughter Honor while they ate açaí bowls:

In the latest video on the actress' YouTube channel, she and her pal Lizzy Mathis are joined by Honor, Alba's 12-year-old daughter with husband Cash Warren.

During the 6-minute video, the trio sit down in Alba's kitchen to eat Acai bowls together while performing ASMR, which stands for autonomous sensory meridian response and involves a tingling sensation in the body that typically arises from whispering.

"Today we have a very special episode and a very special guest," Alba says. "Honor-cita-mama-mita. I don't think she likes it when I call her that, but it's okay because I pushed her out of my body."

LOL. Just watch the video:

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