KFC Chicken-Scented Croc Sell Out in Minutes

OMG...Crocs has partnered with KFC and has released chicken-scented crocs which sold out:

Someone had the bright idea to pair the famous foam clog company with the fried chicken icon to make limited-edition kicks -- and they flew off (virtual) shelves Tuesday, selling out in less than 90 minutes.

The bucket clogs went for $60 a pair, with $3 from each sale going toward the KFC Foundation's employee scholarship fund. The Crocs look like a bucket of the Colonel's original and -- most shockingly -- have a chicken-scented Jibbitz charm shaped like a drumstick.

KFC says the bad news is the Crocs are sold out, the good news is real buckets of chicken are still available. We guess you could rub some secret recipe on your regular crocs. You'd fool your dog or cat, but that's about it.

What?! I guess this is 2020. Lol.

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