Is This What it Will Be Like at Concerts in the Future?

A concert in the UK may have given us a sneak peak as to what concerts will look like in the future with Coronavirus...

According to Variety, about 2,500 fans gathered on 500 separate raised metal platforms at a pop-up venue in Newcastle upon Tyne, England, on Tuesday night to watch a concert by British singer-songwriter Sam Fender that offered a possible glimpse into the future of live music events during the coronavirus pandemic.

Each elevated platform at the pop-up amphitheater at Newcastle upon Tyne's Gosforth Park, dubbed Virgin Money Unity Arena, was limited to a maximum of five people. The platforms were also separated by 6 feet to observe the recommended social distancing measures.

Fans were asked not to mix with other fans outside their group, and photos from the event showed people staying within their small gatherings on each platform with plenty of distance between them. Concertgoers also wore masks while walking around the venue or getting food and drinks.

Would you attend a concert like this??

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