You Can Stay Inside a Tour Bus Once Used By Taylor Swift

A tour bus company is offering fans the chance to stay in a tour bus formerly used by Taylor Swift:

In light of countless singers canceling their gigs due to the coronavirus, one enterprising Tennessee RV firm has devised a novel way to stay afloat — by renting celebrities’ idle tour buses to the public.

“We had to pivot our business,” said Joey Hemphill, co-owner of Nashville’s Hemphill Brothers, which has been servicing Tinseltown’s travel needs for 40 years.Unfortunately, business suffered badly beginning in mid-March with stars such as Post Malone and Cher returning home after renting nearly a dozen vehicles each, Insider reports. 

Now, for $2,000 a night, non-celebs can stay inside one of the hundred-plus luxury campers that formerly transported the likes of Beyoncé, Taylor Swift, Dolly Parton, Lady Gaga and even Oprah to their various shows.

Naturally, 2 grand to sleep in a trailer — no matter who used it — might sound steep. However, these million-dollar mobile mansions come with a plethora of upmarket amenities, including six bunks plus a queen bed in the rear, a fully-equipped kitchen, entertainment systems and a bathroom with a shower. Doors, windows and pop-outs can all be operated electronically.

Pretty pricey, but would you do this?!

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