Company Offering to Pay $1000 For Someone Willing to 'Digitally Detox'

A company is willing to pay someone $1000 for doing a digital detox in nature:

A satellite internet service provider is offering to pay someone $1,000 to "digitally detox" in nature without any electronic devices.

Satellite Internet, based in Salt Lake City, said one randomly selected applicant for the "Digital Detox Challenge" will receive $1,000 in exchange for spending 48 hours living out of an RV at a U.S. national park without any Internet or phone service.

The company said the applicant will be given a stipend in addition to the $1,000 prize to cover the cost of renting an RV for the two-day adventure.

Satellite Internet said it will provide an Internet hotspot at the end of the 48-hour period for the winner to share details of the experience online.

The company said the contest is open to those over age 25 with a valid driver's license and eligibility to work in the United States. A winner will be announced Sept 23.

Would you do this??

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