A 102-Year-Old Chicago Woman Put On a Hazmat Suit to Mail Her Vote

A 102-year-old who has voted in every single election wasn't going to miss this one because of a global pandemic! Beatrice Lumpkin of Chicago put on a full hazmat suit to cast her vote via the mail:

A photo of Lumpkin in her PPE was shared by the Chicago Teachers Union, which she used to be a part of, according to CBS Radio station WBBM. Lumpkin smiled through her hazmat hood as her gloved hand held up her ballot by the mailbox outside of her apartment building.

Lumpkin, who began voting 80 years ago, told WBBM the first presidential candidate she voted for was Franklin Delano Roosevelt in 1940. She hasn't missed a vote since.

She said it was important for her vote this year in part because she wanted to honor women's rights. "When I was born, women couldn't vote," Lumpkin told the station on Thursday.

The other reason, she said: "It's the most important election of my lifetime. The very future of democracy is on the line." 

Such a great story! The photo makes it even better!

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