Keisha Lance Bottoms: "It is not too late to right this sinking ship."

Last week it was announced that Atlanta will lose the Major League Baseball's All-Star Game scheduled for this summer. This move was due to the Georgia state legislature passing a bill that will put more restrictions on voting, amongst other new laws from the recent general assembly. This has sparked a huge controversy across the nation as many leaders respond to this political move, including the mayor of Atlanta, Keisha Lance Bottoms.

In a series of tweets, Mayor Bottoms warns the city, and the rest of Georgia, about the consequences of political decisions.

She wrote, "Just as elections have consequences, so do the actions of those who are elected. Unfortunately, the removal of the @MLB All Star game from GA is likely the 1st of many dominoes to fall, until the unnecessary barriers put in place to restrict access to the ballot box are removed."

She continues on about the potential economic impact that this will have on Georgia and adds, "It is not too late to right this sinking ship."

With this final statement via social media, she calls upon the policymakers to right these wrongs, not the MLB.

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