Wisconsin Wildfires Cause State of Emergency

Yesterday, Governor Tony Evers signed Executive Order #110 in response to the more than 300 wildfires that have reportedly burned about1,500 acres of Wisconsin land this year alone.

In a recent press release Evers said, "With nearly the entire state experiencing high or very high fire risk, protecting Wisconsinites from the destructive dangers of wildfires is a top priority." This order allows the state, specifically the Department of Natural Resources, to request help from the National Guard for extra fire suppression.

The WDNR is warning people that:

"Any fire could quickly start and spread in these conditions. To help us keep Wisconsinites safe, the DNR is asking you to avoid all outdoor burning including limiting the use of campfires and making sure to extinguish and dispose of cigarettes properly. Outdoor enthusiasts should also use caution with off-road vehicles or equipment that can create a spark and start a fire. Keep in mind that weather conditions can change frequently and quickly become dangerous."

Meteorologists are reporting that there will be rainfall as soon as this weekend.

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