Missouri Turkey Hunter Accidentally Shot Hiker

On a popular trail loop in Missouri, a hiker was shot in the chest and seriously injured by a hunter who mistook him for a turkey. “This sounds like it was just a really bad accident,” a police spokesman said.

The shooting occurred in the final hour of spring turkey season's second-to-last day. “...it's inexcusable that they encourage people to hunt with guns on Mother's Day weekend on one of the most heavily traveled trails,” said a witness.

In a statement posted on Facebook:

UPDATE (May 10, 2021): Relative to the hunting-related incident which occurred on the Lewis and Clark Trail on Saturday, May 8, all follow-up investigation is being conducted by the Missouri Department of Conservation. ORIGINAL POST: St. Charles County police responded to the Lewis & Clark Trail around 12:23 p.m. today to investigate a hunting-related incident. A hunter accidentally shot a hiker, thinking he was a turkey. The hiker was transported for medical treatment. His condition is unknown. This remains an active investigation.

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