Ohio To Curb Unemployment Benefits

Along with a number of GOP-led states, Governor Mike DeWine has announced the end of the $300 unemployment benefits.

Starting on June 26th, out-of-work Ohioans will no longer receive an additional $300 a week in federal pandemic unemployment insurance. According to DeWine, the additional assistance is discouraging workers from returning to work. Business associations have complained that employees would rather sit at home and receive improved unemployment benefits than work in a tight labor market.

From his Twitter account:

Early in the pandemic, Congress put in place the Federal Pandemic Unemployment Assistance program to help Americans get through the most difficult economic days of the crisis. When this program was put in place, it was a lifeline for many Americans at a time when the only weapon we had in fighting the virus was to slow it’s spread through social distancing, masking, and sanitization. That is no longer the case. That is no longer our only tool in this fight. This assistance was always intended to be temporary. My administration will inform the U.S. Department of Labor that we intend to stop participation in this program on June 26, 2021.

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