Louisiana Man Jumps Off Bridge After Being "Bored" In Traffic


Photo: AFP

Florida man must have been on his lunch break. A Louisiana man jumped off a 100ft bridge after feeling bored in bumper to bumper traffic. According to NY Daily News, 26 year old Jimmy Ivan Jennings jumped into alligator-infested waters after two hours of sitting on a bridge. His friend (I'm using that term VERY loosely) filmed his entire jump. Jennings claims he immediately regretted the decision from losing feeling in his left arm to almost drowning several times.

The story doesn't stop there. According to ABC13, after treading water for hours, Jennings finally made it shore and wandered for even longer. He found at ATV and while lost he realized he was on an island. He borrowed a boat to take him back. Here he ran into cops once on the mainland. Being that the police had been looking for him for hours as well, he was arrested on the spot for criminal mischief and criminal trespassing. See the video of his jump below.

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