This Chicago Restaurant Offers The Best Tasting Experience In Illinois

Tasting Room

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Illinois is home to some great restaurants, including some that are hopping on board with a rising trend.

That’s according to Eat This, Not That!, the ultimate food content hub that noticed tasting experiences surging with popularity at restaurants nationwide, and pinpointed the best experiences in every state:

“Tasting experiences at restaurants are becoming a larger trend, even if you're not dining at an award-winning establishment. These special dining experiences allow you to try multiple things on the menu for one set price, or have a completely chef-curated meal with multiple courses that are not available on any other parts of the menu. Many people seek out tasting experiences as a way to treat themselves as foodies and really see what a chef can do when they aren't limited by a set menu.”

So, which tasting experience is the best one in Illinois?

Alinea, in Chicago.

Here’s why the experience stood out to Eat This, Not That!:

“Multi-course tasting experiences are a highlight at Alinea. Plan to spend at least three hours at the restaurant because the menu ranges from 19 to 25 courses with dishes that include a lot of exotic ingredients and dry ice for a dramatic effect.”

Traveling to another state? See the rest of the list from Eat This, Not That! here.

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