This Chicago Team Is Among The Most Dominant Teams in MLB Playoffs History

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Baseball is the great American pastime, and Chicago is home to on of the most dominant team in MLB playoffs history.

That’s according to, which aims to serve as “America’s leading sports betting and education brand.” It ranked the Top 10 Most Dominant Teams in MLB Playoffs History, and revealed its findings on Monday (October 4). It turns out, one Chicago team nearly took the No. 1 spot.

Here’s how they did it:

“… calculated the most successful postseason teams of all time in MLB, using data from 100-plus years of Major League Baseball.To calculate the most dominant team, teams that won at least seven games in the postseason (every MLB season after 1968 qualifies) are ranked according to their postseason winning percentage, with ties broken by the team with the most wins during the regular season.”

So, which Chicago team stood out among the rest?

The 2005 Chicago White Sox.

Here’s what Best Odds had to say about the team:

“In 2005, it had been 88 years since the White Sox won the World Series, marking one of the longest championship droughts on record. They dominated the American League Central all season with a 99-63 record and swept the defending champion Boston Red Sox in three games in the American League Division Series. From there, the White Sox won the ALCS against the Angels, though the Anaheim team did hand Chicago their only postseason loss. Finally, the White Sox swept the World Series over the Houston Astros. With stars such as Paul Konerko, whose five home runs and 15 RBIs—White Sox postseason records—and the brilliance of manager Ozzie Guillen, their success was no surprise.”

Find more info — including the rest of the Top 10 list — here.

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