How Often Do Illinois Employees Call In Sick?

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Heading into cold and flu season, many employees may need to use sick time — and workers in some states call in sick more than others.

That’s why Zippia, a career research hub, ranked which states call in sick the most, sharing its findings last month. Here’s how they figured it out:

“This one was fairly simple. We used the Google search ‘call in sick’, a common search phrase used by those who intend to call in sick but want to make sure they don’t step on any toes.
“While we can’t guarantee all these workers call in sick…it’s a search with loads of ‘calling in sick’ intentions.”
“From there, we looked at a year of search volume– giving each workers in each state plenty of time to catch all manners of illnesses (or just get hungover) and need a day off. The higher the search volume, the more workers in that state call in sick.”

Zippia also notes, “please don’t go to work sick.”

So, where does Illinois fall on the list? Illinois comes in at No. 17.

These are the Top 10 states that call in sick the most:

  1. Oregon
  2. Hawaii
  3. Iowa
  4. Kansas
  5. Minnesota
  6. Arkansas
  7. New Mexico
  8. Wisconsin
  9. Nevada
  10. Colorado

See the rest of the list here.

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