This Chicago Shop Serves The Best Doughnuts In Illinois

young woman eating donut

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Doughnuts are always a crowd pleaser.

The sweet treat comes in tons of flavor combos (even seasonal selections, like the apple cider doughnut), so it’s no surprise that everyone has their favorites. That’s why Food & Wine highlighted the best doughnuts in every state.

The food content hub notes that doughnut trends have taken on tons of new forms over time, “going all the way back to proper Boston creams and frothy hot chocolate at horseshoe-shaped counters with the spinning-top stools in New York City, cider doughnuts on the farm all over Hudson Valley and New England, malasadas in Honolulu and Fall River, too, beignets in Baton Rouge…” and tons of others.

So, where can you find the best doughnuts in Illinois? Food & Wine says Old Fashioned Donuts makes the best ones. Here’s why the bakery stood out, in part:

“...You'll never go wrong here, but don't ever go away without an apple fritter. Downtown, the methods may be old fashioned, but everything else is very up-to-date at Firecakes Donuts, now rounding the corner on a decade of serving up some of the city's favorite nouveau doughnuts. Their wildflower honey glazed old fashioneds are a beautiful blend of tradition and innovation, and you can have them delivered to your door via Goldbelly.”

See the full report from Food & Wine here.

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