3 Illinois Cities Rank Among Best Places To Live In America

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There are tons of gorgeous places to visit nationwide, but some of them make better homes than others. On a new list ranking the Top 50 Best Places To Live In America, two cities in Illinois stand out.

Stacker pinpointed the best places to live, using 2020 rankings from Niche (you can see how Niche compiled its data here: Niche’s methodology). Stacker included college towns, suburbs and cities on the Top 50 list, appealing to a broad range of America’s best places. The data journalism hub reads:

“Whether you are looking to relocate, just daydreaming about a change of scenery, or curious to see if your hometown is mentioned, take a look at the American towns and cities that have earned their spot—and read why—on our list of the top 50 places to live in the United States.”

So, which Illinois cities stand out the most? Here are the ones that made the list, and where they rank:

No. 40: Long Grove

“Long Grove, the first historic district designated in the state of Illinois, has cobblestone walks and charming architecture that dates to the 1800s. Northwest of Chicago, the village recently renovated its one-lane-covered bridge.”

No. 31: Buffalo Grove

“Buffalo Grove’s schools have a diverse student body population, with 75% of students taking Advanced Placement exams. Buffalo Grove was formerly frontier land, which later became populated by dairy farms.”

No. 9: Clarendon Hills

“Suburban Clarendon Hills, Illinois, draws families and young professionals alike with its quality schools, low crime rates, and proximity to Chicago. At more than 32 minutes, the typical commute is longer than the national average. Most people use public transit to get to work.”

See the full list here.

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