'This Is No Bull!': Buffalo Roaming Chicago Suburbs Still On The 'Mooooove'

Photo: Lake County Sheriff's Office

Illinois sheriff’s deputies say it’s “no bull!” — there really was an American Buffalo roaming Chicago-area suburbs.

But that shouldn’t alarm residents. Local law enforcement officials assure residents that the buffalo means no harm, and her owners are hoping to bring her home safely soon. In the meantime, residents shouldn’t approach her if they find her.

The Lake County Sheriff’s Office took to its social media pages with a photo of the massive animal, now nicknamed “Tyson the Bison.” She apparently fled from her “farmiliar” home in September, and she’s still on the “mooooove,” the agency explained. The Lake County Sheriff’s Office continued, in a pun-filled post:

“She continues to graze across western Lake and eastern McHenry counties! Tyson means you no ‘farm!’ We ‘hoof’ talked to the owners who are hoping for a snowfall, so they can track her and take her into ‘cowstody’ safely. You won’t be able to wrangle her with ‘handcalfs,’ and she can be a bit ‘imbullsive’ so if you see her, please don’t approach her – you can call your local police agency, and we will call the owners for a ‘smooooth’ apprehension!”

Of course, commenters couldn’t help chuckling at the light-hearted wording of the sheriff’s office post, and left well-wishes for the lost American Buffalo. See the Lake County Sheriff’s Office Facebook post here:

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