This Chicago Building Is The Most Unique One In The Whole State

Chicago skyline aerial view at dusk

Photo: Getty Images

Every state has landmarks that make it unique. Whether it’s a castle, an opera house, or even a dog-shaped inn on Airbnb, there are tons of architectural structures that stand out.

Fittingly, House Beautiful highlighted the most unusual buildings in every state, so you can “consider this list your reason for an epic cross-country road trip.” The report points out: “Not only are these peculiar buildings cool to look at, but they're also full of fascinating facts. We've rounded up the most interesting historical structures in every single state that you'll have to see to believe.”

So, which one stands out the most in Illinois? Anyone familiar with the structure shouldn’t be surprised to know that the Aqua Tower is the most unique building in the Prairie State. Here’s what House Beautiful says about it:

“Soaring 82 stories above Chicago, Illinois, the sculptural Aqua Tower is the tallest building in the U.S. to have been built by a female architect, Jeanne Gang. The apartment building's eccentric terraces are designed to increase neighborly interactions.”

The Aqua Tower reaches 876 feet, combining hotel rooms, office spaces, apartments, condos and parking. It also has one of the cities largest green roofs, according to information about the unique building.

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