Gordon Ramsay's First Chicago Restaurant Menu Packed With 'Powerful Flavor'

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Photo: Getty Images North America

Gordon Ramsay has officially opened his first-ever Chicago restaurant, and it’s slated to serve mouth-watering burgers, fries and other delicious menu items. The celebrity chef opened Gordon Ramsay Burger at 2 E Ontario St. The first Gordon Ramsay Burger location opened in Las Vegas, at the Planet Hollywood Resort& Casino, in 2012. Ramsay also opened a location in London before opening his latest burger restaurant in Chicago. He announced on Gordon Ramsay Burger’s social media (without giving a date) that the new restaurant is “coming soon.” Naturally, foodies were eager to book reservations.

“Gordon Ramsay Burger highlights our signature burger, which blends different cuts of beef, creating a really powerful flavor that our guests love,” Ramsay said in a statement. Menus include the Hell’s Kitchen Burger, the Chipotle Dawg and Sweet Potato Fries, along with desserts, cocktails and more. The restaurant is hailed as “the go-to destination for burger lovers,” offering “stunningly crafted burgers basted with butter along with fries, sauces made from scratch, and delicious milkshakes – all made with the finest ingredients. From traditional to unique burger preparations, there is a perfect burger for every taste palate,” Gordon Ramsay Burger states. Find more about Gordon Ramsay Burger here.

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