This Chicago Restaurant Serves The Best Bar Food In Illinois

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Sometimes, it doesn’t get much better than classic bar food. Fries, pretzels, wings and tons of other fan-favorite dishes are hard to beat. But some restaurants stand out among the rest, and that’s why Eat This, Not That! highlighted the best bar food in every state. The ultimate food content hub pointed out in its report:

“Bar food, the perfect accompaniment to any happy hour, is some of the tastiest, most comforting food out there, and we can understand why. From Knoxville's duck confit fries to Seattle's garlic burrata pull-apart bread, this list of some of the best bar food options throughout the States proves that bar food is so much more than just chips and peanuts.”

So, which restaurant serves the best bar food in the whole state of Illinois? The Little Bad Wolf, located in Chicago. Here’s why it stands out, according to Eat This, Not That!:

“The Little Bad Wolf, located in Chicago, is known for its impressive list of drinks, which features more than 100 kinds of beers and an extensive variety of whiskey, wines, and specialty cocktails. Besides the drink offerings, the bar is also known for its delicious bar food. A favorite on the menu is the Wolf Burger, which includes three meat patties prepared with bacon, American cheese, fried onion straws, homemade pickles, red onion mayonnaise, and a fried egg. A dream dish!”

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