This Is The Most Popular Christmas Cookie In Illinois

Homemade hot chocolate mug and gingerbread cookie on Christmas table

Photo: Getty Images

Internet users have spoken! If you’re getting ready to dig into a delicious plate of cookies, search data can probably already guess your favorite kind.

Google Trends got into the holiday spirit by breaking down “all things #holidays and Search,” sharing the most-searched Christmas movies and the most-searched Christmas movies in every state (specifically, taking a look at the search data from November 29 to December 6). Tons of Google users across the U.S. are searching for chocolate Christmas cookies, sugar cookies, peppermint cookies and more. Some are even on the lookout for gluten-friendly and keto-friendly options.

“It was interesting to see how different regions of the U.S. seem to be interested in different types of cookies. The East coast seemed to favor the internationally inspired cookies in Search, while the South seemed to be searching for Christmas flavored treats, and the Midwest was searching for Christmas cookies with alternative ingredients,” Google Trends curator Annanya Raghavan told USA TODAY in a recent report.

So, which holiday cookies do people from Illinois want the most? Chocolate crinkle cookies, Google Trends data show. See the rest of the list here:

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