The Tiniest Town In Illinois Is Home To Only 13 People

Small Town Main Street

Photo: Getty Images

Every state is home to major metro areas that offer the hustle and bustle of city life, but sometimes it’s the small towns that really stand out. In fact, some of the smallest towns in the U.S. house a population of only a couple dozen residents (or even fewer).

House Beautiful pinpointed the tiniest towns in each state, and some of them have a population that would shock many city slickers. The publication knows that “every state boasts at least one scenic mountain townone pretty lake town, and one quirky small town destination, but only one can take the top spot as the absolute teeniest! …Many of these towns have just one, two, or three lonesome locals.”

Some Illinois cities ranked among the Best Small Cities to Live in America in 2021, according to a ranking that released earlier this year. Still, those cities likely have more residents than the tiniest one in the whole state. So, how many people live in the smallest town in Illinois? Only 13. Valley City is the tiniest town in the Prairie State, according to House Beautiful, which states: “There are just three families that make up this tiny village.”

See the rest of the tiniest towns in the whole country via House Beautiful here.

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