1 Illinois City Ranks Among The Best Cities For An Active Lifestyle

Healthy lifestyle: jogging in the gym.

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Tons of people set health and fitness goals. Although those goals can seem daunting at first, your odds might actually improve depending on where you live.

WalletHub, a personal finance site, ranked 2022’s Best & Worst Cities for an Active Lifestyle, and shared its findings on Wednesday (January 5). WalletHub notes:

“Some cities, for instance, lack sidewalks or neighborhood parks. The COVID-19 pandemic has proven that there are ways to stay active from home, though, including taking virtual fitness classes. As we begin a new year, it’s the perfect time to start, too. Two of Americans’ top four New Year’s resolutions are “exercising more” and “losing weight. At the same time, as many as 80% to 91% of people fail to keep their resolutions each year.”

The new report compares the 100 biggest cities in the U.S., using 34 key indicators to rank them. The data set considers average monthly fitness club fees, bike score, the share of physically inactive adults and other details. Only one Illinois city made the list: Chicago comes in at No. 2.

These are the Top 10 Best Cities for an Active Lifestyle:

  1. San Francisco, CA
  2. Chicago, IL
  3. New York, NY
  4. San Diego, CA
  5. Honolulu, HI
  6. Los Angeles, CA
  7. Portland, OR
  8. Philadelphia, PA
  9. Denver, CO
  10. Seattle, WA

See the full WalletHub list here.

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