This Chicago Restaurant Serves The Best Chinese Food In Illinois

Chinese take away boxes

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When it comes to takeout, Chinese food is always a delicious go-to option. Although there are tons of restaurants to choose from, some of them stick out among the rest. That’s why Love Food, the publisher that hails itself “the tastiest guide on the web,” pointed out the best Chinese restaurants in the U.S. Its report states:

“The US has some incredible Chinese restaurants, from longstanding Chinatown mainstays serving roast duck and chop suey to popular dim sum spots. There’s so much good food, in fact, that picking the best place to eat can be as overwhelming as selecting a favourite dish. We’ve done the hard work by seeking out the most highly rated Chinese restaurant in every state and Washington DC, from sleek modern spots to family-run favourites.”

So, which Chinese restaurant is the best one in Illinois? Love Food spotlighted MingHin Cuisine, located in Chicago. Here’s why it stands out:

“With several locations in and around Chicago, MingHin Cuisine is a far cry from a standard chain restaurant. The menu combines style and substance, with its Chinatown restaurant on Archer Avenue particularly renowned for dim sum. Standout dishes include siu mai (pork and shrimp dumplings), pan-fried turnip cake, rice noodle rolls, vegetable crêpes and egg tarts.”

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